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December 2, 2005
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Felix the Cat and Kitty Kat by san-renard Felix the Cat and Kitty Kat by san-renard
Hello random XD
Felt a bit RETRO the past days, as I stumbled across an SA review of the NES game Felix the Cat [link] , and I like Felix XD So I gave the ROM a try, and shortly after, I had him rescue his girlfriend Kitty, aww~ XD As usual, when something ends up on SA, it's cause it's disliked and the review pretty much confirmed that, but to me it sounded like the reviever was just bitching at the game, for failing @ the controls and not getting the concept about his magical bag! D: just omg wtf stfu plz kthx! For a NES game from over a decade back, it seemed pretty okay to me XD a bit easy maybe. The reviewers description of the bosses was pretty accurate though. but oh well.

Then I watched the movie "Felix the Cat - The Movie" haha XD but oh man, it's so poorly dubbed in Danish (it got slaughtered by the cheap dubbing perioid, where companies would hire ONE male and ONE female actor to do ALL the voices >>; worstcase scenarios, they'd only hire one MALE to do ALL voices o_o; ugh) I'd love to see this, with the original English soundtrack one day.
However, Kitty isn't in that one. But instead there's a Princess who'd be SABAN [link] worthy!!

But oh well, that lead up to me, drawing fan art of them, 'cause they're super simple! Wouldn't be something that would take me days to finish, and right I was, since I started the sketch this morning, and after random procrastinating and web comic sketching, I had the finished result ready the same evening. Uhmmm I'm not at all sure if Kitty has clothes or not. In the game and some googled image refs. she didn't... but on others she did XD naked is fine too~ >w>; She must be clothed in some pictures, because she's drawn with more obvious female features, like the ones where she has a face, drawn in that old 70's americanized washing detergent-commercial-style, with the stiff pearly white smiles and closed or tweeked eyes... OMG the hate! it BURRRRRNS D: Not that I dislike it... but it doesn't look well on Kitty, IMO XD; Then I like the- what I think is her newer style, which was used in the game, where she's basically just a feminine-looking white version of Felix. Works that way. XD

I found old clips and a complete episode of Felix from around the 1930's (omg, old!) And Felix was violent, trigger-happy and a drunk! O__o;; atleast that's sorta cool for cartoons, seeing as most cartoons are wrapped up in bubble-wrap now, so the delicate kiddies won't dent their eyeballs, watching those o' so influent cartoons now a days XD Atleast that just made Felix to random, crazy stuff. Kitty looked like an old hag in it o__o; and sounded like one too! Seemed more like Felix' mother, rather than his girlfriend, in the long gown and a rolling pin in the hand, with a mean glare in the eyes. XD;
But as I was strolling through stuff, while looking for copyright info's to put on my fan art, I stumbled across yet another wikipedia entry, relevant to my interest [link] There I could find some pretty helpful and interesting info's about him and his story. XD

But wow... what am I doing? Writing literature, or a picture description : D;;;; Anyway, here's my fan art of the two. ^^ Enjoy!
Aaaand back I go to web comic drawing! XD or.. maybe I should head to bed o.o; 11:07 AM (yes, AM). Lost track of time XD Val visiting relatives this weekend, she left this evening, so there's no one to tuck me in D: maww. so I become an insomniac zombie with.. OMG! STOP TYPING, DANIEL... D: I can't help it.
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